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Confessor Royale

Unbeknownst to many, Martin Campbell's 2006 reboot of the James Bond franchise was originally intended to be even more radical. Bond wouldn't be blond, but a babe!

Following the failure of a Halle Berry Jinx spin-off to arise from Die Another Day, the producers seriously considered reviving the moribund series by applying the concept of a take-charge female secret agent to Bond himself. The idea got so far as a script draft depicting 'Jane Bond' as a bisexual 007, just as sexually voracious as ever. Tabrett Bethell, who had already tested for the role of Vesper, shot a 'chemistry test' with stage actress Bridget Regan, who had impressed producers by coming to her audition in a finely-cut tuxedo.

Later, the idea's main backer, producer Roy McCoy, was diagnosed with dementia and Daniel Craig was hired. But the ripples of the almost-film still traveled, with Bethell and Regan starting up a friendship that led to Bethell being cast in the second season of Regan's show, Legend of the Seeker. The pair is now working on a spoken-word album, Fear of Virginia Woolf.

Here now are exclusive images from their screen test, along with excerpts from the script, showing what might have been.

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