Lisa (meridian_rose) wrote in sword_of_lies,

Picspam and gif

Title: The Adventures of Zeddicus Zorander, First Judge
Rating: PG-13
Type: Picspam plus commentary
Prompt: For the legendland The Adventures of...challenge
Summary: Asked to judge the Best Food Contest, Zedd has the perfect excuse to wander off across the Midlands eating everything in sight.
Warnings: None
Content Notes: Crack. Seriously, CRACK. And my attempt at didactic pentameter.

At my LJ and at AO3

While I'm posting, here's a cracky blingee gif made for my review of the episode "Mirror" in which Zedd, fooled by not!Richard in "Identity" quickly figures out not!Richard this time. (Next time I'll try to avoid the text being covered by the blingee icon!)

Tags: fan art, zedd
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