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Sword of Lies

A Very Big LotS Partay!

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Sword of Lies! A Legend of the Seeker Polygamous Picspam Love-Fest Community!
Denna would like to introduce you to...
Sword of Lies!!1!

Welcome to sword_of_lies, a community of measured madness devoted to Legend of the Seeker.

We have a strict CRACK ONLY CLAUSE that you should go check out HERE (basically we're in the biz of humour/crack posts, but read the clause anyway, it's cute :P).

Things you might want to post:
  • Cracky picspams – The crackier the commentary the better!
  • Macros – For example: I Can Has Cheezburger.
  • Meta – "Thinky thoughts" in paragraph form. For example, how Rahl's evalness comes down to the fact that he just wants to be wuved, etc. Or how Kahlan likes to dress up and what that says about her character. :P
  • LotS News – Of the amusing variety, and with commentary plz.
  • + more – crack!fic, silly icons, funny vids, or anything that generally makes you ROTFLMAO over our wonderful Legend of the Seeker.
sword_of_lies will have open membership, and is a place for sexy tiems fun times! So please everyone play nice, share the funnies, let's preserve that spirit of good humour that makes our fandom so epically boss.

Your mods are deej, hjea, and hollywoodgrrl. We can be reached at Page-A-Mod for any of your questions or concerns.


Thank You:
To absolutely everyone for being SO FREAKING GAY FOR KAHLAN xo

Layout by deej. Big credit to thrashmetal for the winning SS Customisation Guide. Post!, Join! and Rss! icons via Smashing Mag. Layout profile code thanks to ReversesCollide

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Drop us a line at our Journey Book / Page-A-Mod if you'd like to affiliate! Please note we only allow the promotion of humourous and cracky communities and events; that's our trade, bbs!