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Sword of Lies
A Very Big LotS Partay!
22 Dec 12 04:20 pm - LotSeekerFic Awards
legend of the seeker: team, dear diary, legend of the seeker: richard cypher, legend of the seeker: zedd

Just Nine days left to nominate your favourite fics for the LotSeekerFic Awards! Vote in as many or as few categories as you wish. All pairings include a Crack/Humor category!

24 Nov 12 11:33 am - Picspam and gif
legend of the seeker: team, dear diary, legend of the seeker: richard cypher, legend of the seeker: zedd
Title: The Adventures of Zeddicus Zorander, First Judge
Rating: PG-13
Type: Picspam plus commentary
Prompt: For the legendland The Adventures of...challenge
Summary: Asked to judge the Best Food Contest, Zedd has the perfect excuse to wander off across the Midlands eating everything in sight.
Warnings: None
Content Notes: Crack. Seriously, CRACK. And my attempt at didactic pentameter.

At my LJ and at AO3

While I'm posting, here's a cracky blingee gif made for my review of the episode "Mirror" in which Zedd, fooled by not!Richard in "Identity" quickly figures out not!Richard this time. (Next time I'll try to avoid the text being covered by the blingee icon!)

Cara Rocks!
As you may already know, Tabrett Bethell is nominated for the Best Actress Award in Fangoria's 2012 Chainsaw Awards for her performance in The Clinic.

Let's show Tabrett that the Seeker fandom is still strong and help her win!

You have to pick someone/thing in each category, then send your email to the address listed on the site. And one list only per person!


The deadline is April 25!

And if you haven't seen The Clinic yet, you can watch it on Netflix now!
26 Oct 11 07:12 pm - lotsmonstermash round up
legend of the seeker: team, dear diary, legend of the seeker: richard cypher, legend of the seeker: zedd

Time for the penultimate round-up of entries for the LotS Monster Movie Mash Extravaganza. From a sexy poster to a cracky fanvid and crazy crossover fic; you can find the recent entries at this post.

There's still five days to go before Halloween, so please, join in. Be as serious or as silly as you like. The full details are here.

Don't forget to show the entries we do have some love! One of the categories we'll be voting on at the end of the month is best reviewer! And remember that if you're a peoplespalace member, you can earn rank for this!
richard kahlan magic
Title: A Plethora of Piglets
Fandom: Legend of the Seeker/Game of Thrones
Author: [info]hrhrionastar and [info]meridian_rose
Pairing/Characters: Young!Zedd/Salindra, a whole host of characters from the Midlands and some surprise guests from pre-series Westeros
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 2000 approx
Notes: A birthday fic for [personal profile] pristineungift
Summary: During 'Wizard' Young!Zedd gets tipsy and works his Powerful Magic. Piglets ensue.
Warnings: None

at LJ: The Palace of The Prophets or at AO3

cesare slap, legend of the seeker: rahl angst, legend of the seeker: darken, legend of the seeker: darken rahl s1, legend of the seeker: darken rahl text
Week One of the LotS Monster Movie Mash Extravaganza is over. We've had fic, art, vids and a fanmix this week. And it's all been cracky fun.

Here's the list of this week's entries.

There's got plenty of time left before Halloween, so please, join in. Write a drabble, a longshot, make a stick figure drawing, fanart, a vid, use Blingee, or JibJab, make some icons, a haiku, whatever you want to do, so long as you can present it somehow! Be as serious or as silly as you like. The full details are here. Help make this October a spooky month for all LotS fans.
[Stock] Curls
So, when embossedsilver did this for A Song of Ice and Fire women, I was inspired to do this for our Legend of the Seeker women.  It was very fun. :D

pretty Seeker ladiesCollapse ) 
cara princess smile
There was a meme going around on Tumblr where you sorted characters from various fandoms into the four houses of Harry Potter. Someone gave me a Mord'Sith to sort...and somehow I ended up sorting them all. The result: a crossover crackfic with picspam illustrations. Hope you enjoy!

View/read this extreme crack here

self portrait me
This picspam is a gift for brontefanatic  for her birthday. ^_^ She gave me the prompt "Picspam. Wacky like the old days. Darken is so desperate to find a cure for his recent "performance" anxiety that he confides in the man who absolutely cannot keep his mouth shut about his patient's most embarrassing secrets - Dr. Gregory House."

Somehow, Dr. Suess also became involved.

 Darken Rahl Goes to Doctor House
Author: Dr. Suess pristineungift 
Fandom: Legend of the Seeker/House
Rating: PG-15 for language

I would love to see someone do a LotS vid using Katy Perry's song "Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)." It's a hilarious song that would be awesome with LotS characters.

You know it's a perfect match when the official music video has a shot of a rooster: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KlyXNRrsk4A

Vid with lyrics: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5EGSlwGiXTs
self portrait me

Hai thar Darklings! The People's Palace is proud to present our very first round of character stamping - inspired by the stamping community of hogwartsishome !  ^_^

What is Character Stamping? )

How it Works )

Application and Rules for Applying )

You have until JULY 15, 2011 to apply. This date may be extended if we get few Character Stamp Applications than we anticipate.

The first voting batch will be posted on TUESDAY, JULY 5, 2011.
self portrait me

June marks the one year anniversary of the peoplespalace ! We invite everyone to come celebrate with us, during our Month Long Anniversary Celebration! We have lots of fun things planned! Come join in the debauchery, become a Mord'Sith in Training, or earn your Agiel and Lord Rahl's favor! Invent your D'Haran soldier name, and prove yourself to your mistress! Intrigued? You should be!

Week 4 Activity, the Anniversary Darkling Partay now open! Click on the banners to be taken to the open activities!
Photobucket  Photobucket

Schedule of Activities HERE @ [info]peoplespalace 
or check our sidebar!!!

Feel free to pimp us out!
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