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Pin-Up Dolls of Our Seeker Ladies

So, when embossedsilver did this for A Song of Ice and Fire women, I was inspired to do this for our Legend of the Seeker women.  It was very fun. :D

Kahlan, in her white Confessor's dress. 

Cara, in the closest thing to a Mord-Sith outfit I could find.

Jennsen, being all girly and adorable.

Denna.  I didn't want to dress her like Cara and there are so few options, so I thought I'd dress her up as though she were going for a night out.  Also, let's pretend her hair is an updo.

Shota.  And she's barefoot, because...Shota is always barefoot.

Sister Verna.  I swear, that's supposed to be a headband, like the one Kahlan is wearing, but now it just looks like a yamaka. >.>

Nikki.  And she's one the beach because when we last left her, she was in for some heat.  Get it? Get it? :D 
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